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On Becoming Me: Memoir of an 80's Teenager 

ISBN 9781737770503

This is the story of a confident young girl who became a lost teenager, wanted to disappear, started to find herself, discovered love, was wild, reckless, and confused, but ultimately found a way to be okay. Told in her words as she lived them through her diaries, journals, poetry, and letters.

May 13, 1985: I can’t believe I have nearly come to the conclusion of my second diary. It’s weird ending this one, though. It has experienced the worst times of my life and some of the best. You know my emotions inside and out. You were a victim to my lies, my tears, my awakening, my self-discovery. You experienced the loss of my virginity, the trials and tribulations of college choice making. You were neglected and you were cherished. It was too bad you couldn’t talk. There were times I could have used that…It’s been traumatic. It’s been happy. You can’t relive the past, even the regrets. Thank you for being there.

Company Clown

ISBN 9781737770558

Jack Carp was the most sought after hand model in Los Angeles. Heartbroken by a recent break-up, he sets out to commit emotional suicide by drowning his sorrows in fast food. Instead of death by burger, he is discovered as the new face of Burger Barn, catapulting him to corporate icon status.


Advertising is a brutal industry dictated by corporate profit, oversized egos, and fickle consumers. Jack learns this first hand through his meteoric rise to fame and even more abrupt fall from glory.


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"An entertaining, fast-paced work of wit and satire.

Well-developed characters and crazy story. I love it!"

-Amazon Review for Company Clown


ISBN 9781737770534

Helena "Harvard" Schmidt could not leave her life on the mountain soon enough. A life of academic rigor at Harvard was made possible by her extraordinary athletic gift: running. Thor Himmel was the Harvard equivalent of a movie star: attractive, intelligent, and unattainable. As Helena and Thor run from their demons, their paths inevitably and abruptly cross far from where they ever imagined forcing them to confront the past that might destroy their future.

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"Thor and Helena's love story was mesmerizing in every

way of possible...The unexpected situations that they faced

couldn't make me put the book down AT ALL. I had to know

how it ended...The writer's style of writing is simple yet so beautiful."

-Reedsy Discovery On Harvard