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Diary of a Sports Mom


I am passionate about many things, but my greatest joy has always been my children. I have successfully navigated the waters (and survived) of competitive sports. All three of my children  parlayed their youth sports into collegiate athletic careers, running the gambit from Ivy, D1, and D3.

Years ago, I would spend idle time waiting for practices to end so I'd write my thoughts on recent struggles and victories as a parent of athletes. They were  young then,  only starting their journeys.


With two out of college and my "little one" already in her fourth year, I decided to get back at blogging. I have written new blogs. I have also been revisiting old blogs and adding the perspective of having survived to an updated version of the original blog.  I know  the topics are still relevant.


I don't pretend to be an expert. As a mom, it is truly my hope that my children left my nest only slightly scathed from enduring me as their mother.

As an athlete myself, I am excited to competing again. I might even blog about that. It has been a LONG time! I might even deviate completely and blog about whatever inspires me. 

I am also excited to be a 2023 SBR Sports ambassador. Use code kirsten23 for a discount. Just click on the logo below!



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