What does one do when they gave their twenties and early thirties to corporate America then hangs up the towel to devote themselves to rearing three admittedly amazing offspring only to find that they grow up way too quickly leaving you with a void that needs to be filled? You realize along the way that social media didn't exist when you left the corporate world and that your marketing skills are as obsolete as you are old. The answer to my own question is: You create a bucket list of personal goals and find ways to capitalize on them.


My bucket list: Screenplay (check), children's book (check), romance novel (check), and quirky tongue-in-cheek novella roughly based on your experiences working in marketing (check). So I've checked a lot all in the name of self-fulfillment by self-publishing my works. 

The last item on the literary bucket list was perhaps the most daunting. It was the one I've been toying with for many years: write my memoir integrating my diaries, journals, poetry, and letters. The '80s were an amazing decade on so many levels. I poured my emotions onto endless amounts of paper as I grappled with trying to figure out where I fit in and who I was supposed to be. On Becoming Me: Memoir of an 80's Teenager is not about how I remember things, but how I wrote about them as I lived them in that moment. It is my story of self-discovery during those years when not knowing who you are is pretty much what everything is about. My story is unique to me. But the underlying themes of teenage angst, joys, fears, discoveries, heartache, and growth transcend time.


If I can touch the lives of a few people, make them laugh or cry or even self-reflect, isn't that worth the effort? Ultimately, it makes me feel better and in today's world of "self" everything, I'm just going with it.