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We all have a story...

"What I have somehow managed to seamlessly project to the world my entire life is not always what my brain is reflecting inside me. But if any of us were truly that transparent there would never be a story to tell."

On Becoming Me: Memoir of an 80’s Teenager is a reflective look back on Kirsten's turbulent teenage years. She found herself defined by her sport until sixteen years old. All her successes, failures, total being, were chlorine based. Accidents, injuries, insecurities would take their toll both physically and mentally. Navigating life outside of her sport was unchartered territory. And it was clear that there was a residual impact, both good and bad, on figuring out who she was supposed to be without it . Profoundly insightful and inwardly optimistic that she would make it through, but constantly struggling to find the right combination to survive those years.

80's Photos...

In order to save on publishing costs, On Becoming Me: Memoir of an 80's Teenager  photos are in black and white. These are the original photos. I have included additional bonus photos from that time period as well.

PSA Championships 1982
Germany Summer 1983
Berlin Wall 1983
Freshman - 1981
Sophomore - 1982
Junior - 1983,
when acne ruled my self-esteem
Senior Pictures (taken summer 1984)
With my mom in 1983
With my parents at graduation
Summer 1985
My brother and me in 1984
Dee and Deb 1984
Jim B. in 1982
Terry from the Summer of 1984
Ajey from the Summer of 1985
Classic 80's clothing!
Ajey and me (on right) with friends
Denver Fall 1985
Mazatlan 1986
With Sarah in Mazatlan
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